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Vacation is a word that holds much promise. The notion of packing up and leaving home for a week or two is appealing to us all since a change of scenery and routine is necessary, if only to make us glad to return home and our normal lives afterward.


This 100-page journal is for you to write about your vacations. Tell how you chose your destination, what you did, who and what you saw and every detail you can think of to make your trip come alive.


Vacations are a great way to make us better understand the world and our place in it. We can relive history, enjoy a different climate and see sights foreign to our eyes. The pages are lightly lined on the left and blank on the right to allow for all types of less ordinary written expression including sketches, color work and bits of memorabilia. Filling a journal is a great way for a young person to become a more active participant in a vacation.


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Vacation Journal

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