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One of the joys of dog ownership is the daily routine of walking the dog. The dog will keep you on track and remind you if you begin to slack off and decide to skip a day. Part of the fun for the puppy is getting a "nose workout" by tracking and following scents near the ground. It's a time for the dog to feel at one with his or her master at the other end of the leash — and vice versa.


There is a social aspect for both you and your dog.  Meeting up with friends to pass the time of day and, heaven forbid, even square off, depending on how friendly and mellow the atmosphere is on any given day. Dog walking is one of life's little pleasures for all involved.


Tell about it in this 100-page journal for that purpose.  Left side pages are lightly lined with prompts and right sides are blank for unstructured writings, drawings, anything you wish, even writing more dog stories.


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Walking the Dog

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