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Welcome to Weekend Watercolor Inspiration because, when the end of the week comes, it's time to get out your art supplies and tackle an exciting painting project. You'll be learning new techniques and gaining new skills each time you paint. Fifty-two lessons are provided, and the book is organized season by season. Do the lessons in order or choose any order you please and, unlike many classes, go at your own pace. Save every scrap you paint and value it all. Start immediately to think highly of your efforts. Remember, we were all beginners once and if you quit, you’ll never develop your skills. So, judge lovingly and be kind to yourself. Progress will come with each lesson and those early pieces will eventually show just how far you’ve come.


Use the list provided and gather some inexpensive and readily available supplies. Some will be found at the art/craft store, discount mart or online. A few are things you already have around the house. Keep those materials in a sturdy tote, wheelie, box, or bag. Figure out a space where you’ll be comfortable painting where the light is good, and the moment inspiration strikes — you can be off and running. Also, before embarking on each lesson, study Goals and To Replicate. You will know, before you begin each lesson, what is expected and how to achieve optimal results. You might be surprised at the small amount of watercolor paint to use, how to prepare the paint for each section of your painting—it varies with the desired effect to be achieved, the brush you'll use, and the wetness or dryness of your paper. If the instructions ask you to turn the paper upside down or something else, pay attention and do it. There is always a method to the madness. By following the few, simple guidelines for each section of the painting, you'll achieve great results. If they vary from the examples given, so be it. You are creating from within and your work is a valid as the inspiration piece. After completing each project, ideas are given for your next painting session. Most people find after doing the lesson and learning new techniques, they cannot wait to create their own original designs. Ideas are offered on what to do before the next lesson in the book.

Weekend Watercolor Inspiration - Paperback Edition

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