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Is there ever a day more contentment-filled than Christmas? The weeks of preparation are over, gifts distributed and unwrapped, the feast devoured and then, finally a feeling of peace descends knowing that a monumental job was well done and appreciated by all. It's your time to sit and bask in the beauty of the house still wearing its holiday best and count your blessings.


This 100-page journal is for you to write your holiday moments of utter satisfaction. Pages on the left side are lightly lined with prompts and on the right blank for you to sketch, doodle and write some more. Make a cup of tea, cut yourself another piece of pie and let the words flow. Stretch out those Christmas moments on paper to read year-round. You deserve it because as the centermost figure in your home, you hold a special place with insights the others don't have. Celebrate that well-deserved spot on paper starting now.


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Winter Journal - Christmas Day

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