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A flash of red against a backdrop of neutral colors stands out so when we see a cardinal fly past, we take special delight. It's almost like a gift. While much of the month of December is an array of preparations for the coming holidays; parties, get-togethers, catching up with friends, clearing out the house for the bright palette of colorful decorations, try to take time for yourself.


Writing in a special holiday themed, 100-page journal is a good way to mark your progress leading up to the year's end. Tell your feelings about the rituals we find ourselves repeating once again, give an account of what was gained — and lost during the past year. Perhaps in cleaning out to make room for the new which is coming like an avalanche, donations can be made to organizations to help those less fortunate.


Cardinals represent hope and writing in your journal is a hopeful — and introspective endeavor. Prompts are provided to help you focus your thoughts, to save precious time deciding what to write about.


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Winter Journal - Inspecting Nooks and Crannies

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