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Tea, from the Camellia Sinensis plant, originated in China ten centuries BC. Its popularity as a trade commodity spread and soon people the world over were enjoying a cup of tea. Or, as they say in England where it is considered the national beverage, a "cuppa."


If you enjoy tea, this 100-page journal is for you. Lightly lined pages on the left will soon be filled with writing encouraged by the prompts at the top of the pages. Right side pages are blank for gluing a collection of tea bag tags, clippings, sketches, notes, lists or more writing.


Be it black, white, Oolong, green or herbal, a steaming, hot cup of tea is decidedly a pleasurable interlude throughout the day, not to mention offering an exhilarating lift due to the caffeine it contains.


What time is teatime?


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Winter Journal - Tea

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