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Is there anything as magical to a kid as a hard packed, snow-filled hill and nighttime sledding? Out of nowhere the world is transformed into a private playground.


Adults might have come around to remind kids to put on mittens or hats, but mostly it was a scene about living dangerously and having fun.  Do you have memories of playing in the snow in winter?


if you do, this 100-page journal is for you to write about it. Lightly lined pages with prompts will have your pen or pencil sliding across the page as if on ice. Opposite pages are blank for you to sketch, doodle or write more. Tell who was in the nighttime gang of friends, how the dryer sounded after mom put all the dripping clothes to dry. Memories are our record of an earlier time in life. Write them down to hold them dear.


Keep your book private or share it with younger family members.


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Winter Journal - Winter Fun

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