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All good things must come to an end and that's true with time as well as events. What do you do as the year wind's down? Is introspection the order of the day? Do you think how to make the next year better by listing resolutions?


Write your thoughts as the year is closing in the 100-page journal intended for that purpose. Just as you gather and put away of the remnants of the holidays, keep a running account in your journal. Write not just of the places you've physically stashed precious holiday gear, but ideas that guided your thinking through the hustle and bustle. Committing your thoughts, concerns, triumphs to the page is worthwhile and fun. It can even be good therapy. You needn't share with others, but it's rewarding to get things onto the page to better understand them.


Pages on the left side are lightly lined and on the right side blank to allow for all types of writing, small and orderly or large and whimsical. Sketch, diagram and continue to write all through you book. Add your own stamp with color using markers or pencils to make it truly your own.


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Winter Journal - Year's End

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