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A tree often has many branches coming off its body or trunk. Ideas can be generated in a similar way.


Use this journal bring forth and collect new thoughts related to and stemming from a single word. This 100-page book has white, lined paper on the left side and blank pages on the opposite, or the right side. The blank pages have a word at the top which you can copy in pen or pencil to the center of the blank page. Let the fun begin.


Coming off that central word draw lines like branches of a tree and on each line write what comes to mind when you read or say aloud, the central word. For example, TREE. What springs to mind? Branches, birds, leaves, roots, buds, shade, rake, protection, etc. Keep making branches.


Without editing your thoughts, add as many words as you can that spring from the principal word, TREE.


On the opposite, lined side from the words that grew from TREE, write a paragraph, poem. a very short story or even random thoughts. Don't edit yourself and you might be surprised at what comes to mind. Have fun.


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Words, Like the Branches of a Tree

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