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If a new journal is in your plans, consider this one.


The cover is bright and uplifting. A bouquet of colorful flowers is sure to make you smile. Inside, some of the pages are lined for easy writing while the page opposite is blank for making sketches.


Use the blank pages also for writing illustrated notes to showcase your artistic flair and lists you can clarify with diagrams and doodles. Blank pages can also be used for gluing photos and inspirational material you've collected from various sources.


Every other page has the word, "Heading", with a space for writing allowing you to name the Subject for the day's writings. Every few pages you'll find prompts, words to inspire for moments when you need a boost to get started.


At the bottom of blank pages is the word, "Remember to:" and a line to jot down topics for your next session and/or future examination.


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Wordsmith at Work Journal

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