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Happy Holidays One and All

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

If you dare, think about the scenes you have been seeing on TV. The overcrowded hospitals with bone-weary and exhausted staff. Switch to the long lines of cars waiting to collect food from food banks. Remember the faces of folks on the TV news shows who’ve lost family and friends to the virus. Hear those voices telling how it has been for them and holding back tears.

Then, think about the people who will fix food for hungry family members, making do with what little is left in their empty cupboards. The end of the month is nearing and ponder how many of those people might be out of jobs with no money to pay rent---and face eviction. Where will they go? How do you even decide which of your possessions to keep or abandon? The primary job of a parent is to make their youngsters feel secure, so what are they saying to prepare their children?

The next time you want to utter a complaint about how different and lonely, even sad this Thanksgiving and Christmas will be, just STOP. If you have ample food and the biggest decision you had to make was what flavor of pie to bake, a cozy house and a warm bed, be ashamed of yourself. Count your blessings and just once because it is the season, remember and thank God for what you have and refuse to dwell or whine about what you are missing. Be ashamed for complaining. Consider it a privlege to keep extended family safe. Wear your mask when you venture outside. Social distance and find creative ways to make this holiday season extra special and memorable. Say a prayer of gratitude for the people who have worked to develop vaccines. They are the guys in white hats rounding the hill to save us.

Happy Thanksgiving and many more to come. You can help make it happen.

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