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Sunday Best

Call it what you will, event, party, festivity there are times when you simply have to gussy up and shine. Going shopping precedes the big day. It's a ritual as old as a cave woman imploring her "bestie" for the honest truth as she holds an animal skin, bit of bone or rock against her hair capturing the most flattering light. Traditionally, we have spent hours scrutinizing the racks, trying on, eliminating, refining until a decision (that hopefully requires little or no alterations) is clear. Then, on to accessories; winnowing, imagining and finally buying at least two sets just to be sure, because, as we all know, those most insignificant of trifles can make or break an outfit. Working downward, it's a given that the exact right shoe has yet to be invented, but the search must be launched and on to the final lap and another adventure.

How quaint it all sounds today because unless you just emerged from a long slumber, times have radically changed. Carefree be-bopping in and out of dozens of stores with a friend, fueled by cappuccinos and hope is as outmoded a concept today as the horse and buggy. So, the bedroom closet, while stuffed to bursting, is where miracles must happen. Do you even remember what lurks in its depths? The process begins anew, you silence the voice in your head that says, "old rags" and "pathetic rejects" and stoically set about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

You need not be a fashionista to enjoy putting on the Ritz occasionally. If you're willing to dig deep within yourself and your closet, a solution can be found and while you might not be stepping out in the finest or newest style, you'll surely pass muster---maybe even sparkle. Clothing for a woman is more than just coverage. Writing about it is not only fun, but the entire process of dressing is filled with emotion and passion, two elements making for good writing.

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